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Our program allows content creators, digital creators, and homeschool connoisseurs to earn a commission while sharing about our services!

We value community and joining us brings you into the Four Pillars Family.


  • Affiliates have campaign style offerings. This means you have a lower ‘all the time’ commission rate with a higher commission during campaigns (that fit your calendar – not dictated by ours). Affiliates have the potential to join our ambassador program the higher you go in sales!
  • Ambassadors are our partners and top affiliate. They get a fixed-rate using their personal code and campaign-style sales. We work together to bring savings and get products to your customers at critical business moments (i.e., a new product launch).

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Printing Affiliate Program- Four Pillars Printing

The affiliate program with Four Pillars Printing Boutique is valuable for you and your customer. 

As an affiliate, you gain

  • A great resource
  • Commissions
  • Earning potential in your hands with different levels
  • Networking opportunities


Your customers gain:

  • Great pricing
  • Accessible services
  • Personal customer service
  • Always transparent turnaround time


Not a right fit for our affiliate or ambassador program at this time? No worries!

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