As a relatively new homeschool mom, I was totally elated to find some incredible homeschool e-resources. However, that early excitement quickly faded when I went to a big box store to have it printed and was quoted over $300 to have it printed and bound! $300?!? To provide some context, I was going to print a “Worthy and the Picturesque” course book that was more than 300 pages. I didn’t have a good gauge on what to expect for the price, but I knew was that I wanted it printed in color, double-sided, and spiral bound. But $300?!? Y’all come on! 

I knew there had to be a better and more affordable way. The employee at the big box store didn’t care if I placed an order with them or not. He probably was relieved that I didn’t because it meant he didn’t have to print it. Going home, I researched other options and found some small print shops. Several of them had exorbitant ship times including up to 16 weeks? What, am I supposed to order it through them and either 1) be more than halfway done with the school year by the time it finally arrives or 2) forget I even ordered it while I’m waiting 3-4 months for it to arrive? Seriously now… 16 weeks?!? Once again, something had to change, and I knew there had to be a better and faster way.

This experience is where the idea of Four Pillars Printing Boutique was born. I consulted with my husband, and we had the ‘this is something we can do’ and the ‘why not us talk’ all at the same time. I then changed gears and consulted with my venture capitalist (also my husband) and we started making a plan. Fast forward to June 2021, we launched our small business as first-time entrepreneurs who are learning as we go but are loving the journey. We strive to provide quality printed products that are affordable, provide a reasonable shipping window and support small businesses all at the same time. Throughout this journey, our heart and desires are to bless families, advocate for what we believe in, support, and promote small businesses and to build a community that is grounded. 

Just remember, every time you place an order with a small business, someone (or in our case six-someone’s) behind the scenes does a happy dance! 

Thanks for shopping small & printing boutique!