A Year Of Beginner Drill


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-A Year of Beginner Swedish Drill should be used after finishing Swedish Drill 1 and you feel comfortable with the basic instructions and skills. It is intended to help beginner students learn and use beginner Swedish Drill Skills.

-This drill book is very versatile and can easily be adapted for your needs. It is well suited for all skill levels, especially beginners, but can easily be adjusted for more advanced skill levels. This is perfect for the entire family, from little ones following along to parents joining in on the fun!

 –Inside you will find OVER 80 completely Open and Go drills. The drills are intended to be easily called out by the Drill Instructor each lesson.

-Younger students can perform one lesson per day and practice that lesson until they understand each skill and feel comfortable with the drill. If you have older or more experienced students they can perform multiple lessons a day. Additionally lessons can be combined with other lessons and /or repeated. For example, you can combine lesson 1 with lesson 2, lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4, or even throw caution to the wind and combine lesson 30 with lesson 79! There are endless drill combinations ready to enjoy!

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