A Year of Swedish Drill


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From The Schoolyard:
Swedish Drill is now easier than ever! A Year of Swedish Drill is comprised of 100 Swedish Drill Lessons that are Open and Go! There are enough Drills for 3 Drills per week for a full school year.

This is our first full Year of Swedish Drill and it is for beginners or anyone who is starting Swedish Drill. This is a wonderful way to master all of the skills from Swedish Drill 1 and our Swedish Drill 2.

It includes lots of jumping and briefly touches on marching and turnings that are discussed in our Swedish Drill 2.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you have read through Swedish Drill 1 and Swedish Drill 2 before starting A Year of Drill, as there are no Swedish Drill instructions in our Year of Drill.

The Drills are ordered from easiest to hardest and progress nicely through the year.

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