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From Fallon:

I shortened my meal plan document (the full plan, available on my site, has sourcing recommendations, grocery lists, temps and pulse info, and of course a calorie-specific meal plan!) to just have the easy, delicious, and totally attainable recipes inside!

This cookbook download will ONLY be available through the end of the year!

Recipes included:

-gut friendly baked and stovetop oats
-maple breakfast patties
-chocolate chip banana bread and zucchini banana bread
-pumpkin muffins and butternut muffins
-nutrient powerhouse smoothie (with bee pollen and TONS of minerals!)
-savory and sweet carrot salad recipes
-six gummy recipes (including chocolate brownie, vanilla pomegranate, creamy mango, and strawberry jelly!)
-the best guacamole you’ll ever have
-easy bone broth
-hidden liver meatballs
-my famous chocolate marshmallows and bone broth hot chocolate
-fudgy blender brownies

And more!

This is the perfect starting place for those who want to eat nourishing delicious food and still enjoy all their favorite recipes. You’ll use these on repeat, and your whole family will LOVE them!

Just like my meal plans, this entire recipe collection is gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and has dairy-free swaps listed. There are 35+ recipes included!

(for those that do already have a meal plan, the recipes in this document are not different!)

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