Sash Drill


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  • 24lbs
  • Double-Sided
  • Side Bound w/ Clear Cover
  • Includes 1 bound book, paper dolls, & loose leaf menu inserts

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From The Schoolyard:

Open and Go!

▪️Sash Drill is a beautiful form of physical education that has been buried in archived books for way too long! Promoted by Charlotte Mason, it was originally created to be performed as a break between academic subjects to allow children to move their bodies and get fresh air. The original Brain Break!

▪️There are 14 exercises taken straight from the 1901, A Drill Book for Elementary Schools. Each exercise works a specific group of muscles and when performed together it works the entire body!

▪️Each exercise has the original music that can be played using QR codes and links. There are also videos demonstrating every exercise!

▪️One of the best aspects of this curriculum is that it includes a video with the exercises performed to the beat! Turn on the video for your student and they can perform Sash Drill independently while you prepare for the student’s next academic subject!

▪️There are menu inserts that can help your student learn the correct order of the exercises!

▪️Includes beautiful Victorian styled paper dolls!


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