Swedish Drill


  • Color
  • 24lbs
  • Double-Sided
  • Side Bound w/ Clear Cover
  • Includes 1 bound book, cardstock skill cards, & loose leaf menu inserts

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From The Schoolyard:
Swedish Drill 1 for Beginners is an Open and Go curriculum that enables you to start Swedish Drill on day one! Based off the London 1909 Syllabus of Physical Exercises for Public Elementary Schools, the very exercises Charlotte Mason used for physical education.

Our 124-page guide to Swedish Drill includes:

-A Master Command List

-QR Codes linked to videos for demonstration of every basic skill

-73 Skill Cards of every basic position with their commands and explanation of how to execute the skill

-Swedish Game Boards to flip cards onto

-3 Examples of Simple and Compound Drills

-6 Full Drills for a complete 2 weeks of Swedish Drill

-Create Your Own Drill Templates

-Menu Inserts depicting all the basic positions

-Swedish Brad Doll for an interactive handicraft

-Swedish Drill Art Study

We provide step by step instructions for everything you need to be successful in Swedish Drill, and we walk you through every command, every skill and even how to put together your own Drill. We have QR Codes linked to videos for explanations on how to best use each part of the curriculum.

Let’s enjoy this incredible form of exercise that strengthens the mind as much as it does the body! Let’s go to The Swedish Schoolyard!

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