Testimonials and Reviews

by past clients, customers, and partners



“ I contacted Four Pillars with a printing project and I had an idea of what I wanted, but wasn’t really sure how I could make it happen..

 They were able to work with me and had great ideas and feedback. The project came out perfect and I loved everything about the experience! Would definitely recommend!


Homeschool Family

Affordable printing services for high-quality items.

And a super-fast turnaround! This service is so helpful for all the printing necessary for home educators.


Small Business Owner

“This has made my life easier! I originally just came to this website to get my TNK recipe book printed, but once I realized how easy it was to just have materials printed out and sent to me instead of going out of my way to pay way more at the store/library, I never looked back

I’m feel happier and more prepared on the job because I finally went out of my way to print out useful materials to use during my speech therapy sessions. Thanks so much, I would highly recommend this service to any speech therapists who don’t have access to a printer or don’t want to constantly worry about running out of ink.”



I had a pdf book printed for me that I am using for a course on herbalism.

The pictures are gorgeous! The book looks professional and the spiral binding is very durable. I have had a couple of other things printed with Four Pillars Printing (check out their memory books for school-age kiddos! Love mine!) and I am never dissatisfied!”