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Dyer Family- Four Pillars Printing

Hey there, we’re the Dyers.

Married ten years. Marine Corps family. Four adventurous kids.

We love big family brunch, being outside, and being present in our local community!

As a homeschool family we quickly realized it was easy to feel restricted to one curriculum when we spent so much money on it. This gave us the idea of launching Four Pillars Printing Boutique!

Our original vision for the business was to bring down the cost of printed homeschool materials and to make homeschooling more about the family and education than the planning and curriculum. But Four Pillars Printing Boutique quickly became much more. We have been printing a variety of wonderful resources that it became abundantly clear that we need to highlight small businesses from around the web and not just focus on homeschool products and curriculum since that is only a fraction of the materials we print.

Shopping Small Opens Doors.

Doors to new worlds. Passionate people. And stronger communities.

This is why we partner with small businesses we believe in to get the best resources off the screen and into homes.

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Custom Printing- Four Pillars Printing Boutique

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Custom Printing- Four Pillars Printing Boutique

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Homeschool Printing Services- Reader

01. Custom Print Orders

Whether you need homeschooling books printed or you have another item you would like professionally printed and curated, Four Pillars Printing Boutique can do it all. Click below to start your custom print order now.

02. Partner Print Orders

Did you order something from one of our partners? Fill out the information needed by clicking the link below and we will get that out to you right away!

03. Partnership Program

Do you have a small business that is looking to get it’s e-resource or other documents printed for your customer base? Fill out an application to join our partner program now!

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“The ease of getting my files from the computer to my hands was amazing with Four Pillars Printing Boutique.

“This task always overwhelms me and Mikel made the process super easy. Mikel responded to my questions quickly and I had exactly what I needed in no time. I now know exactly where to turn when I need something printed, the print job was beautiful and exactly what I envisioned!”


“I am very happy that I found Four Pillars Printing! I have used their printing service multiple times.

“The quality of the product is always top notch, from the paper to the box they are delivered in. The customer service was great, website was easy to navigate and the product was ready to be shipped quickly. The prices can’t be beat, I would highly recommend to everyone!”

Partner Order

ways to work with us


Custom Order Now

Set up a custom order with your own files or files from your homeschooling curriculum.

Homeschool Printing Services- Reader

Partner Order Here

Print an e-resource or other document purchased through one of our partners. 

Become a Partner

Are you a small business needing small batch printing? Join our partnership program.

Interested in becoming a partner with Four Pillars Printing?

If you are a small business who is looking for small batch ordering or client printing services, look no further. Four Pillars Printing Boutique is able to print your books, booklets, and information packets for your business and your clients.

Click the button below to find out more.

get off screens and get into the world

Our custom print orders are a perfect for homeschooling families, small businesses, and more.

Learn more about our custom print options and how they can help you.

“The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.” 

Northrop Frye 

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