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Meet Jenesse: A Homesteading, Homemaking Mom of five Who is Passionate About Real Food

Jenesse is a devoted wife and mother of five, who is passionate about her faith, family, and home. She has made her home the center of everything she does, from homesteading and home birthing to homemaking and homeschooling her children. Real food is also a significant part of her life.

Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Jenesse and her husband moved to a 15-acre farm in Northern California. Despite having no prior farming experience, they took a leap of faith and dove headfirst into their new way of life. Even though they had not yet acquired their gateway animal, chickens, they brought home their first milk cow and began their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

In 2020, Jenesse and, her family of five at the time, relocated from California to Tennessee to live in a state that aligned with their values. They even brought their two dairy cows with them! Since then, they have welcomed two more precious babies into their household, rebuilt their farm, and discovered Jenesse's passion for creating resources for those who want to learn more about their lifestyle. Today, Jenesse loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and teaching others about homesteading, homemaking, and the importance of real food.