Our Paper Options

Let's Talk Paper

Tell Dwight to move aside so we can talk about our true passion - paper!

We have a few select options for your paper quality. Our baseline is the other guy's mid-grade. We relentlessly pursue the best options for your paper and only use FSC certified paper. While the brands we use change from time to time in order to offer you the best price and best quality, the papers we select help colors pop and come alive as well as is durable enough to withstand day to day use. We offer a few different options depending on your budget and use.

24lb - The Standard

We offer 24 pound paper as the standard paper option. 24 pound paper is smooth and crisp and holds up MUCH better than standard copier paper. Most people will purchase one grade lower for use in their home printers, but that's sub par for us. The best way to describe the standard option is a luxurious version of standard copier paper.

We recommend the standard option for anyone looking for the most affordable option with low to medium use of a book, or for temporary or consumable materials like home school curriculum.

32lb - Premium Paper

Our premium option is for anyone looking for a great option that will last the test of time. This option is thicker and more luxurious than the standard option and makes colors vibrant and bright. This option is best for anyone looking for a book that will be used heavily or will need to last for the years to come.

Gloss Text - Cookbooks and More!

If you've ever printed a recipe, you've probably noticed a few drops of this and that that can collect on the page. Our gloss text options is the best option for cookbooks or any other heavy use booklet. This paper is a premium coated paper that is close to the consistency of a magazine page, but a little thicker. The coating allows for small droppings to be wiped off easily without ruining the booklet for life! We always recommend this option for cookbooks or anything that may get dirty.

110lb Cardstock - Flashcards and Really Heavy Use

The cardstock option is best for things that need to be a little more durable - like flashcards or a card. We can print on this thicker paper so that you can make custom flashcards to homeschool or an outdoor activity sheet or scavenger hunt that is more durable than you standard paper. Cardstock is initially more resistant to bending but, it also less flexible (once it's bent, it's bent). This is an excellent option for when you need something that you want to last through a tougher environment.


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