Collection: Selina Camarillo (@milkmaidfarm)

Selina is a homesteader, soon-to-be-wife, and mother of 2 precious boys. Her passions include homesteading, homemaking, and cooking and baking delicious recipes from scratch. It all began when Selina started a garden with her father over 10 years ago which sparked her passion for self-sustainability and healthy living. Now Selina is living out her dreams– tending to her milk cow, feeding her chickens, filling her kitchen with from-scratch foods, and embracing a simple, natural life. 


Selina believes that the best place to start your homesteading and health journey is in the kitchen. This inspired her to write a recipe guide to help others feel empowered by learning how to cook from scratch. Selina’s guide, Staples Made Simple, contains over 100+ beginner-friendly and mouth-watering recipes, from easy recipes to replace store-bought condiments, to tasty dinners, decadent desserts, homemade cheeses, sourdough loaves, and kid-friendly snack ideas. Staples Made Simple not only walks you through every recipe with ease, but provides tips and tricks on how to source high-quality ingredients, ideas for budgeting, meal planning hacks, and more. She also has a Holiday's From Scratch booklet that is full of 15 delicious festive recipes!


Selina is always creating new recipes and sharing her favorite homesteading moments on her instagram @MilkMaidFarm. Be sure to follow her and keep up with her farm and family life, and keep up to date on her new recipe guides!