Our Finishing Options

How to Finish Your Project


We can finish you job in variety of ways. Just let us know what you want!

Loose Leaf

This is the simplest. We won't do anything to the paper after printing. This works best for one off prints.

We don't add any charges for loose leaf printing.

Corner Stapled

With the corner stapled option, we simply add a staple to the top left corner of the documents. This works best for quick or light use documents.

We don't charge for a corner staple.

3 Hole Punched - Cookbooks and More!

This option is where we add a 3 hole punch to the pages for easy insertion into a binder. This would be a good option for adding material to an existing binder or for material that will be taken out of a binder frequently.

This does come with an additional charge.

Spiral Bound

This is our most popular option. The spiral bound option is the classic binding option you'd get at a shop like FedEx/Kinkos. The spiral binding option is permanent - pages can't be added or removed. Spiral bound booklets can be laid flat.