How To Print Guide

We're glad you're giving our locally owned, boutique printing business a shot! We have taken our years from the big name print industry and carefully selected the best quality and most affordable options for printing, paper, and binding materials to ensure you have the best printing experience! Here's a quick rundown of our printing and options for paper.

 Printing Options

Color by default.

Did you know the cost of black & white vs. color is almost nothing? The big names in the industry charge a premium for printing in color. We print in color standard. There are no additional charges for color (likewise, no discount for black & white).

Booklets are our specialty.

As partners with course and content creators, our primary speciality is printing and binding spiral booklets. Any course you have us print is bound with a high quality spiral binding that allows you to lay the books flat and turn the pages all the way back. Alternatively, we can three-hole punch the pages for you to add to a binder.

Let's get custom.

We offer several different options for custom services. We have the capabilities to complete simple art prints (fine art prints coming online in the future), custom booklets, custom binding projects, or one off print jobs. We can also do custom binding options like disc binding, or custom finishing like lamination.