How To Print Guide

We're glad you're giving our locally owned, boutique printing business a shot! We have taken our years from the big name print industry and carefully selected the best quality and most affordable options for printing, paper, and binding materials to ensure you have the best printing experience! Here's a quick rundown of our printing and options for paper.

Why do I need to upload a receipt for certain products?

We are a small print-only company - similar to FedEx Office / Kinkos or Office Depot/Staples print centers. We are unique in that we partner with content creators to provide an easy way to print their e-books at a fraction of the cost that our competitors would charge. The content creators' partner with us as a way to provide a simple print-ready option for their customers but do not receive compensation for their digital work from us. The content creators are only paid from sales of their own e-books on their websites, which is why we require the receipt upload of the e-book purchase prior to being able to purchase a hard copy of the product.

Some content creators do receive a small commission per sale of they book for advertising our services - this is not compensation for their digital work.

 Printing Options

We start with excellent quality.

We print exclusively on Canon production quality printers. They are known for excellent, deep, rich colors, and are known for image quality. In fact, we use almost the same printer FedEx Office uses. 

Our paper starts with excellence too. We relentlessly pursue the best options for your paper and only use FSC certified paper. While the brands we use change from time to time in order to offer you the best price and best quality, the papers we select help colors pop and come alive as well as is durable enough to withstand day to day use. The paper we use feels luxurious, and premium.

Booklets are our specialty.

As partners with course and content creators, our primary speciality is printing and binding spiral booklets. Any course you have us print is bound with a high quality spiral binding that allows you to lay the books flat and turn the pages all the way back. Alternatively, we can three-hole punch the pages for you to add to a binder.

Let's get custom.

We offer several different options for custom services. We have the capabilities to complete simple art prints (fine art prints coming online in the future), custom booklets, custom binding projects, or one off print jobs. We can also do custom binding options like disc binding, or custom finishing like lamination.


Shipping Materials

Our books ship in 100% home compostable mailers.

All packaging materials inside are 100% recyclable. If your order ships with a dense brown sheet of paper (chipboard), you can rest assured as this is a 100% recycled product that is made in the USA.