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Ashlee Rowland is a certified holistic nutritionist and trained Root Cause Protocol consultant who has been through her own incredible journey of healing from multiple diagnoses of PCOS, Hashimoto's, allergies, infertility, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis and Celiac disease. She spent over 4 years trying ALL the latest "health" diets only to Cause further depletion, imbalance and diseaseIncredibly, after only 2 months of working to restore her metabolism and balance her minerals, she healed her infertility and found herself pregnant with her baby boy!

Ashlee founded Simplholistic, based on her passion for teaching other women how to heal themselves, encouraging them to tune out the noise of the wellness world and to focus on balancing hormones holistically, as God intended. Her course, Bare Naked Hormones, is all about a lifestyle shift, rather than a diet or health fad, based on true nourishment and honoring the cycles within and without to find true wellness.


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