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Nourish and Flourish Kitchen exists to empower you in nourishing your family, regardless of dietary restrictions. We are devoted to creating a beautiful balance of the time-honored traditions of real food by reimagining recipes into delicious gluten free creations.

Nourish and Flourish Kitchen is the result of five women coming together with a shared passion for cooking and a deep understanding of the importance of the healing power of food.

Many of us have experienced the daunting task of feeding hungry children or ourselves with sudden food restrictions. In those moments, it seemed impossibly hard to overcome; yet it is through these challenges that we have tapped into our own creativity, to craft a delicious dish into a healthier option. It is through those challenges and the many lessons we have learned that Nourish and Flourish was created. 

Nourish and Flourish: Gluten Free for the Holidays Cookbook is filled with 46 recipes over 124 pages of beautiful photography and tips for cooking gluten free. In addition to being gluten free, many recipes are dairy free, low histamine, AIP and no processed sugar.


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Meet the creators!


IG| @sarahshealthyishfamily

Hi! I'm Sarah, a dedicated stay-at-home mom of three, a self-taught culinary enthusiast, loving wife to Tor, and an advocate for healthy living.

My path into gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free cooking began when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and several other autoimmune diseases. This life-altering diagnosis ignited my mission to use food as medicine and discover delicious, nutritious alternatives to support my health. Chronic illness has also led me to trust in Jesus as my daily grace and ultimate source of my healing.

I consider it a true blessing to share my family's beloved holiday recipes with you. I hope that when you make these dishes for your loved ones, you can taste the love and care that has gone into crafting and perfecting each one.

Whether you're navigating dietary restrictions or seeking better meal choices for your family throughout the holidays, I'm here to show you that eating well can be an enjoyable and rewarding journey. In this recipe guide, you’ll find an array of mouthwatering recipes, from breakfast delights to satisfying dinners, all thoughtfully created with your well-being in mind.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing these cherished recipes with your beloved family and dear friends during this holiday season. As you all gather around the table, I am filled with hope that these recipes will serve as the cornerstone for creating unforgettable moments, weaving their way into the fabric of tradition within your home. May the aroma of these dishes and the laughter shared bring warmth and joy to your holiday gatherings, ensuring that they become an enduring legacy for years to come.



IG | @plowgirl_farm

Hello, I am Michone and I wear many hats in life- farmer, cook, teacher and homeschool mom. I am passionate about homestead gardening, whole foods and the joy of sharing delicious meals with our loved ones. Nestled in the mountains of Montana, I am fortunate to call this majestic landscape my home.

Here, alongside my handsome husband Adam, and with our three beautiful daughters, we have forged a life that revolves around our love for the outdoors and our connection to our land. We grow enough food to feed four families May through October, and we put up food and buy from a local CSA to eat mostly local through the winter.

Our story isn’t just about us, it is about the community of wonderful people who surround us. We believe in the magic of gathering around a table loaded with food we have grown and cooked right here. This not only creates nourishment but love and memories.

My journey into the world of cooking whole foods is one marked by passion and necessity. Health struggles prompted my family to adopt a diet free from gluten, dairy, rice, oats and latex (yes, bananas and avocados too!) While this may seem restrictive, it has been in facing these challenges, that I have seen my culinary skills reach new heights as I explored creative ways to craft dishes that are not only wholesome, but delicious.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure creating a cookbook. I can’t wait to share the flavors, stories and traditions that have enriched our lives. Good food, love and unforgettable memories are always on the menu!



IG | @thehensrudehome

Hi friend, I'm Brit! A loving wife and a dedicated homeschooling mom. My life revolves around my love for Jesus, my family, and a commitment to clean living and eating. These core values have shaped my journey and continue to guide me on a path of intentional and purposeful living.

My passion for clean living and eating began as a personal quest for better health. It led me on a transformative journey, and I soon realized that the well-being of my family, especially my children, was at the heart of my mission. This exploration ultimately led me to adopt a gluten-free diet, an important component of our quest for a healthier lifestyle.

In everything I do, I believe in the power of intentionality. By being deliberate and mindful in our choices, we create a simpler, more fulfilling life. Every aspect of our home is a reflection of this belief, from the way we educate our children to the products we use and the food we eat.

Life is a beautiful journey, and it becomes all the more meaningful when we live with purpose, cherishing the moments and experiences that truly matter. I invite you to join me on this journey of faith, family, clean living, and the beauty of home.

It is such a privilege to be invited into the heart of your home, the kitchen, this holiday season! I hope these recipes are as loved by you and yours as they are by our family and friends. Wishing you the warmest holiday season!



IG | @ashleydmckinney

Hi! I'm Ashley, wife to Seth and a proud homeschool mama of six wonderful children. Our journey as a close-knit family unfolds amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the North Carolina mountains, where we have made our home. Our life is deeply rooted in homesteading, and the kitchen serves as the heart of our home.

You'll find me spending the majority of my days creating nourishing meals for my loved ones, and there's truly nowhere else I'd rather be. Cooking, to me, is more than a chore; it's a heartfelt tradition that binds us together.

We're passionate about embracing a more ancestral way of cooking and eating, embracing the time-honored wisdom of generations past and eating seasonally. We are not totally gluten free in our home, but when we do consume gluten we use ancient grains such as Einkorn flour and long fermented sourdough. I truly believe food is medicine. The book “Nourishing Traditions” by Weston A. Price was the start of our journey to how we eat today. The love for homegrown meals that are thoughtfully crafted and the warmth of sharing them around a big old table with family and friends is something that resonates deeply with me. It's these very experiences that have inspired my recipes.

My hope is that this cookbook becomes a treasured companion in your own kitchen, inspiring the same love, togetherness, and nourishment that my family experiences every day.



IG | @AnnalisaJasper

Hi! I’m Annalisa, a BSN RN, turned homeschooling mama of 4 kids. I’m a born and raised Texan who loves God, Mexican food, and horses. Being a mother has always been my biggest dream. I remember being a young mama with a baby on my hip trying to learn for the first time how to make my own butter, homemade biscuits, and cook a “fryer.” I had my beloved grandmother on speed dial!

It was during these cherished years as a new mother that I realized that providing nourishing home-cooked meals is, in fact, a beautiful act of service to my family. We have diligently prioritized daily meals around the kitchen table and focused on equipping our children with kitchen skills. Our kitchen has truly become a holy place, not only of fellowship and connection but also of physical healing.

For over a decade, I have used my love of cooking to bring healing to myself and two of my children that share neurological and immune illnesses. We primarily consume a diet that is anti-inflammatory and almost entirely free of allergens, with the exception of coconut. All of my recipes in this cookbook follow the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and are mostly low histamine.

Throughout our journey we have experienced many food restrictions, which have been a huge challenge during the holidays. I wholeheartedly believe that our holiday traditions can be absolutely beautiful, and we can still maintain a rich, diverse, and nutrient dense diet without compromising our health. My family has spent years perfecting many of these recipes, and it is my absolute joy to be able to share them with you now.

May your family be blessed with rich, nourishing foods that bring warmth and connection to your home this holiday season.