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This book features beautiful illustrations and very limited instances of color. Please note that if you purchase the color option, there is little color on the pages.

Viriditas Home Wellness Guide (PHYSICAL BOOK ONLY)

Join The Ember Collective on a mission to support women of all stages in learning to support their health and that of future generations, while cooperating with God’s design and His abundance. This guide is 175+ pages, filled with numerous resources, with each topic made accessible and applicable to the average woman.

What’s included in the Viriditas Home Guide?

  • 9 part foundations of health nutrition curriculum
  • 8 part food & drink guide including our favorite staple recipes
  • 11 sections for practical application
  • Troubleshooting guides for specific issues/challenges
  • Full symptom burden analysis (that corresponds to our free symptom burden quiz)
  • Research & resources
  • Worksheets to help you on your journey


* this is a physical book that will be shipped to you.

Prior purchase of the e-book is required. Head over to The Ember Collective to purchase the ebook.

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